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A Mom Warns Parents About a Link Between Sepsis and Shoes Without Socks

This girl is lucky to be alive.

Jodie Tomas Facebook

Correction: While Fatherly initially reported that the child contracted sepsis due to trying on shoes without socks, the two have only been linked by the child’s mother and not by any doctor or medical expert. It is possible, and even likely that the young girl contracted sepsis beforehand, as The Sun reported that doctors told the child’s mother that her kid may have contracted the life-threatening complication in a variety of ways, including trying on shoes without socks or simply having a cut or scrape on her foot. Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, told Live Science,  “For the vast, vast, vast majority of people, trying on shoes without socks is not going to cause them to get sepsis.” Fatherly regrets the error.

One little girl from the UK dodged a bullet when she was hospitalized for sepsis after trying on shoes without socks just the day before. Now the girl’s harrowing ordeal and her mom’s grave warning about the hidden dangers of the potentially deadly blood infection are falling on the ears of parents everywhere.

Sepsis is an ailment that occurs as a side effect of an infection. The body attempts to fight off the infection by releasing certain chemicals into the bloodstream, but instead of curing the infection, the body part becomes inflamed and starts to poison the blood.

Sienna was wearing sandals prior to getting sick, but he mother Jodie Thomas didn’t think anything of letting her try the shoes on without socks. It seemed just fine at the time, but the morning after the shopping trip Sienna woke up crying and in searing pain.

“I drove her straight into hospital,” Thomas told Metro UK. “She was shaking and twitching — it was horrible to see my little girl like that.”

****sorry for gross pics****For all parents please put socks on you're children while trying new shoes on. I'm guilty…

Posted by Jodie Thomas on Friday, August 24, 2018

Once Thomas rushed her to the hospital, the doctors identified a sore on her foot. After the infection spread further up her leg the next day, they determined it was sepsis and drained Sienna’s leg of pus to save her life. According to doctor’s, it’s likely that a child who had tried on the shoe before had an infection that entered Sienna’s bloodstream by way of a small “breach” on her foot. The scary part is that Thomas, and probably a lot of parents just couldn’t have imagined something so serious coming from a relatively low-risk activity like trying on a shoe without socks. Even though Sienna has made a full recovery, Thomas hopes others won’t make the same error.

“For all parents please put socks on your children while trying new shoes on,” Thomas wrote. “I’m guilty of not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome (of) infection spreading throughout the body. You don’t know who’s feet have been in them before hand!”