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Mom Tries to Use Her Son Against #MeToo, Son Fights Back

It looks like this mom did not get her son's permission before making him the face of the #HimToo movement.


Over the past year, the #MeToo movement has become a cultural force in our country, as women all across America have opened up about their past experiences with sexual assault and abuse and begun holding men accountable for their past actions. However, some have started to push back against the #MeToo narrative, including one mom who took to Twitter to defend men by sharing the story of her son and how his life had been affected by #MeToo.

According to the tweet from BlueStarNavyMom, her son is “gentleman who respects women” and is in the Navy, where he “graduated #1 in boot camp.” However, his mom claims that he is now afraid to go on solo dates thanks to “the current climate of false sexual accusations by radical feminists with an axe to grind.” The mom finished off her tweet with “#HimToo” to show that men are victims of the current climate every bit as much as women.


However, it turns out that most people disagreed with BlueStarNavyMom’s attempted takedown and the internet did what they do best: turned manufactured outrage into meme fodder. The tweet, which has now been deleted, was endlessly parodied online with people reappropriating her story to apply to all sorts of fictional and non-fictional men, such as Guy Fieri, Norman Bates, and Jack Torrance.

BlueStarNavyMom’s son, who is named Pieter Hanson, even got in on the action, posting a photo of himself and explaining that he disagreed with his mother. He wrote that “sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realizing it” before saying that he “never will support #HimToo.” Hanson’s tweet has received nearly 50,000 likes since it was posted last night and hopefully, this marks the end of the bizarre and misguided #HimToo movement, which probably should never have been created in the first place.