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Mom Stabs Teen Who Tased Her Daughter During School Fight

She's now being charged with assault.

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A New York mom was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for slashing the face of a 14-year-old girl who had tased her daughter in front of her.

According to police, the incident occurred outside of the E. 120th Street public school in East Harlem, Manhattan around dismissal time. The 49-year-old mom was with her daughter when the 13-year-old got into a fight with the other student.

When the older girl used an electronic taser on her daughter, her mom retaliated by cutting the girl’s face with a razor, leaving what an NYPD spokesperson described as a “minor laceration,” PIX 11 reports.

Both the mom (who initially fled the scene) and the 14-year-old student have been arrested. The mom is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and injury to a child while the teen is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon and assault.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education told PIX 11 that the girl who was slashed was taken to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. Miranda Barbot explained, “NYPD and EMS immediately responded to this incident, which occurred outside of the building after dismissal. We will work closely with the NYPD as they conduct a thorough investigation, and provide additional safety and counseling support to the school.”

She’s not the first parent to fight back against their child’s bully. Last month, a Texas dad was arrested after slapping the boy who was picking on his stepdaughter across the face. He’s now facing felony injury to a child charges.