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This Mom Was Shocked to Find Her Two Adopted Kids Are Biological Siblings

"Everybody thought I was crazy."

Courtesy of Katie Page

A mom from Colorado was shocked two discover that her two children, who she adopted separately, were actually biological siblings, especially because she took them into her home less than a month apart. Katie Page adopted her son Grayson, who is now two, in May 2017 and a month later, she discovered that a young girl named Hannah, who is now one, was in need of a Foster Home, so she decided to take her in as well. After spending some time with the two, she couldn’t help but notice a few of the ways that Grayson and Hannah seemed like they were related.

“They both have a chin dimple, and the other feature is one that only a mama would see because it’s covered by their diaper!” Page told PEOPLE.

But Page had good reason to doubt her intuition in this case. After all, the adoption agency where she found Grayson and Hannah believed that the two came from different mothers and given the somewhat outlandish nature of her claim, most people assumed the connection was all in Page’s head.

“Everybody thought I was crazy,” she explained. “I think everyone thought it was a far stretch because I didn’t have that much to go on, but my intuition was telling me there was more to the story. We kept it pretty quiet until there was more information to support the theory.”

Eventually, Page decided to get a DNA test to see if her instincts were correct and it turned out that Hannah and Grayson were biologically brother and sister. This revelation helped Page officially adopt Hannah in December 2018 and she is happily raising the two as brother and sister.

“Because they were related, she was able to stay in my home — judges rule that way,” Page said. “They were meant to find each other, that’s pretty clear… If they weren’t related, Hannah would not have stayed with our family. She would have been placed with other relatives. It was a great thing.”