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Mom Shares Video of Infant Son With Whooping Cough to Warn Parents About Not Vaccinating Their Kids

In 2017 around 15,000 kids contracted whooping cough, a dangerous and totally preventable affliction.

Jessica Leigh Boren/Facebook

Pediatricians are already warning parents who haven’t gotten their kids vaccinated to do so. But it’s not just the looming flu season or the measles making a comeback that has them concerned. The increasing number of children contracting whooping cough has been at a high in recent years as well. And one Missouri mom is sharing a video of her 18-month-old in the midst of a coughing fit related to the virus as a warning to parents everywhere.

“This is whooping cough,” Jessica Boren wrote on Facebook. “This is a baby boy struggling to breathe and turning blue with every cough. Coughing for over a minute each time. Multiple times an hour. For 5 days. Getting worse by the second. This is my happiest child, unable to laugh without having a coughing spell.”

Boren admitted that while she had her other two children vaccinated in the past, recent anti-vax posts she’s seen on social media deterred her from getting Brody, her youngest, vaccinated. As a result, she elected to spread out the vaccinations after the first six months. By the time Brody caught the whooping cough, he still hadn’t been vaccinated against it. Brody has since experienced a full recovery, and now Boren hopes her story will help others.

ETA: My husband was also sick, but he had Rhinovirus (common cold) which Brody also tested positive for! Brandon (husband) did not have Whooping Cough.

Posted by Jessica Leigh Boren on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Believe it or not, whooping cough vanished almost entirely after the 1940’s when a vaccine against it was developed. In 2012, the US counted the highest number of whooping cough cases ever when 48,277 people contracted the virus. Of those cases, 20 people died, most of them infants. In 2017, there were still 15,000 reported cases of the dangerous, but totally preventable disease, resulting in the deaths of 13 children.

“This is NOT bashing the ‘anti-vax’ community. Nor placing blame or judgment on anyone. The decisions I made were MY decisions. Based purely on my lack of knowledge and fear. This is to show the consequences of not vaccinating my child correctly,” she wrote. “This is our story. In hopes that our awful experience can help educate other families. Praying no other mom or dad ever have to witness their child endure this. This is why you SHOULD vaccinate & protect your children.”