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Mom Shares Terrifying Story of a Fake CPS Officer Who Tried to Take Her Baby

This is pretty uncommon, but scary none the less.

Facebook Ashley Bradley

Being a parent is almost synonymous with figuring out how to dodge a myriad of potential threats against your child, but one Delaware mother’s harrowing story about a woman posing as a Child Protective Services agent has other parents on high alert.

Ashley Bradley was at home with her nine-month-old son when a woman knocked on her door claiming to be from CPS. Knowing that she had no open case with CPS, Bradley was naturally skeptical but elected to follow through with the interaction anyway. Though she was unnerved by the interaction, things got even more unsettling when the mystery woman told her that she’d have to give up her son Ja’vonni on the spot. After quickly composing herself, Bradley began a process of verifying the woman’s identity which she laid out in a now viral Facebook post.

“I was so mad and hurt I wasn’t thinking right but then I realized that she 1. Didn’t have a state-issued badge, 2. My son’s name was spelled wrong on the folder she had in her hand and 3. I have no cps cases so they would not have been coming to my house.” Bradley wrote.

It was at the point when Bradley asked the woman for her identification that the fake CPS agent began to get defensive and claimed that she’d already identified herself. Once Bradley told her that she was going to call the police, the woman immediately vacated the premises.

WARNING FOR ALL PARENTS. . . I was just home with my son putting him down for a nap when a lady knocked on my door…

Posted by Ashley Bradley on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

“He [the officer] said people come from different countries and states kidnap kids and traffic them it does not matter what the age,” Bradley wrote in the Facebook post. “Sooo this mom is going to make sure her baby is safe and for anyone who experiences this lock your door call the cops and keep ur kids with u till they get there.”

While Bradley’s situation was scary, it’s pretty rare and not likely to happen to you or anyone you know. Still, in a similar situation, it’s always best to do what she did. Ask for identification, don’t let them into your house, and call the police on anyone who just shows up saying they’re from CPS and here to take your child away. CPS cases that result in removal often go on for months, and almost no parent who has ever had their child taken away by CPS didn’t know that it was coming.