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Mom Reveals How Having a Baby Affects Marriage in Viral Post

"So fucking angry with where motherhood has taken me."

Constance Hall/Facebook

People are loving the mom blogger who was refreshingly honest about life after a baby on Facebook last Friday. In a post that’s now going viral, 35-year-old Constance Hall describes the very real struggle of being both a mother and wife.

“I get so many messages on Instagram about how ‘hands on’ my husband is. And even people telling me that we are ‘couple goals,'” wrote Hall of husband Denim Cooke. Sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding youngest son Raja, she confessed, “The truth is that having a baby has pushed my relationship to the absolute edge.”

The mother of five (who clarified that she wasn’t “man bashing”) then pointed out the differences between being a mother vs. being a father. “What I can’t handle is the unjust, unfair living arrangements that so commonly follow the birth of a baby… having a baby is one thing, sharing that baby is a completely different story.”

Throughout the post, Hall opens up about the darker side of motherhood, describing feelings of anger, resentment, exhaustion, and even loneliness. As the Australian blogger wrote, “I wake up with my baby at 6 am and I’m in bed exhausted by 8 pm. That’s the thing about babies, they take away all of your alone time and somehow leave you feeling incredibly lonely.”

I get so many messages on Instagram about how “hands on” my husband is. And even people telling me that we are “couple…

Posted by Constance Hall on Friday, December 28, 2018

Hall stresses that even those negative emotions are okay and normal as a parent and spouse. However, she concludes by saying “Where there is love there is a way and there is no shortage of love in my marriage. We will grow and we will be ok.”

The post already has over 77,000 likes and 10,000 comments, the majority of which are positive as other women empathize with Hall’s struggles. One fellow mom writes, “I used to get ‘oh that’s so great that your partner is babysitting so you can go out with your friends.’ Ummm, excuse me. It’s HIS kid too… It ain’t babysitting, it’s parenting!”