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Mom Refuses to Donate Breast Milk to Anti-Vaxx Mom

She admits she feels "terrible" but many have voiced support for her decision.


One woman is going viral on Reddit after confessing that she refused to give breast milk to another mom for a controversial reason. The mom said she decided against donating after discovering that the other woman was an anti-vaxxer.

“I’m a terrible person for not donating my breast milk to a woman who refuses to vaccinate her children,” user SayYesToDogs wrote in the r/breastfeeding channel on January 31.

As part of a breast milk donation group on Facebook, the woman said she was about to give one mom 60 to 100 oz of milk until she saw her profile was “filled with anti-vax propaganda and just disgusting things.”

Explaining that she got an “awful, icky feeling thinking about giving her my breast milk,” the woman told the anti-vaxx mom that the milk had already been claimed. She used this excuse multiple times in the coming weeks as the mom continued to ask for a donation.

Eventually, the anti-vaxxer called out the woman. “So I tell her that I’m extremely uncomfortable donating my milk to someone who refuses to vaccinate her child (who is a sick baby, btw, and born very early as per her first message to me) as well as spreads misinformation about immunizations,” the Redditor said.

According to the post, the anti-vaxxer responded by going off “about how we don’t know what’s in vaccines and the ingredients we know about are poisoning our children.”

The vaccination debate has recently reappeared in the national spotlight with the measles outbreak that’s sweeping Washington, which is currently under a state of emergency. More and more parents, medical experts, and lawmakers alike are pushing for stricter vaccine laws to protect children and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

As a result, many are supporting the Reddit mom’s decision to withhold her milk. She wrote in the comments, “None of my breast milk nor anyone else’s will help that baby out in life. Poor kid got dealt the shit end of the parent stick.”

Still, others have argued that while the anti-vaxxer mom deserves criticism, that doesn’t mean that her child should suffer.

“It’s not for her,” one user wrote. “It’s for her innocent baby who will also have to go without vaccines. Poor thing. Hope it doesn’t die of something preventable.”