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This Mom Went Hilariously Over-the-Top With Potty-Training

Let's just say she's got it covered.

Shona McLoughlin/Facebook

Potty training kids can be difficult—and messy. Which is what Shona McLoughlin wanted to avoid with her own daughter when she decided to cover an entire room in her house with puppy pee pads while teaching the toddler how to go to the bathroom.

“DAY ONE. Am I doing it right?” wrote the UK mom in a Facebook post on January 8. “Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it?” She added, “I’VE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING…”

The three photos shared by McLoughlin show a room in her house with the floor completely covered by pee pads, typically used to housebreak dogs. In the center, she sat a small toilet for her daughter to use. “[The pads are] ‘just in case’ she misses…” the mom clarified, noting, “Once she gets used to it I’ll move mini toilet into the bathroom.”

According to McLoughlin, her daughter has yet to have an accident, but says she’s a “holder-iner” and that they still haven’t mastered the toilet.

Regardless, fellow parents applauded McLoughlin for her hilarious efforts. “I’m dying,” commented one mom, adding a laughing emoji before admitting, “But I wish I’d thought of this!”

???? DAY ONE ????Am I doing it right? ???? Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it?I'VE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING…Shona McLoughlin Photography

Posted by Shona McLoughlin on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

And others shared their own potty training tips in the comments, from transitioning to pull-ups first to employing the ever-popular sticker chart method. One parent even suggested, “Put a nappy inside the toilet, so she knows the nappy is there when she sits on it.”