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Remember The Little Girl Who Melted Down In The White House? Meet Her Mom

Remember last spring, when a 2-year-old kind of broke the internet by having a 3-alarm meltdown in the White House Red Room, directly at the feet of the leader of the free world? Remember how some internet trolls had a field day with it, calling the kid a “spoiled” product of “liberal” parenting? Remember the kid’s mom’s response?

You don’t, because she didn’t have one — at least not publically. But now Laura Moser, whose daughter Claudia was melting down during the White House Passover Seder, has taken to Slate to tell her version of the story, and it’s … pretty mundane. Claudia was in a lousy mood because her mom made her wear a dress instead of a bedsheet. And no amount of internet parenting, including the commenter who helpfully suggested Claudi needed thyroid medication, is going to calm down a 2-year-old in a dress when her heart was set on wearing a bed sheet.

POTUS Tantrum Toddler

Moser’s explanation is well reasoned, insightful, and entertaining — basically the exact opposite of everything she was accused of online at the time. The only thing that’s missing is why she chose to bring it all up this week … unless she and Claudia are due at the White House Thanksgiving dinner?

[H/T: Slate]