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This Mom Got Brutally Honest About Marriage After Kids

"All I can give him is a hairy, cranky wife."

The Modern Mumma/Facebook

Having kids not only changes your life but also your marriage, according to one mom blogger. In a refreshingly honest note, Mel Watts of The Modern Mumma opened up about how children affect a relationship.

“Husband. Wife. Roommates?” the Australian mom wrote on February 24. She started by giving some examples of marriage post-kids, from non-existent lazy mornings to texts that used to be romantic and are now more like “Babes got my period, get pads.”

She goes on to say, “Children are hard work. They do put a damper on things. Some people may be able to keep their shit together but some people, like us, we find it hard to balance.”

Watts explains that the changes aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just something new for her and her husband to navigate together.

“I am still very very much in love with my husband. It’s just a different kind of relationship now,” adding that the romance is “very much alive but it also has another 3 humans involved it’s not as easy anymore.” She then says, “Do I think he deserves more? Of course I do. He deserves the world when at this moment all I can give him is a hairy, cranky wife.”

And in terms of handling the changes, which Watts admits are completely normal and to be expected, she says, “It’s about becoming together and staying together during the good, the ugly and the children. Once you stop comparing yourselves to your old selves it becomes easier.”

The blogger concludes her post, which already has over 6,500 likes and 1,100 shares, by joking, “Here’s to grey pubes [not yet] and sexless nights. No round two’s and nothing tight. I wouldn’t want to be old and saggy with anyone else!”

Husband. Wife. Roommates ? If someone told me years ago that my relationship would one day change, I would have laughed…

Posted by Mel Watts – The Modern Mumma on Sunday, February 24, 2019