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Mom Creates Hilarious Drawing After Her Husband Asks Why She’s So Cranky in the Morning

"The exhaustion is hard to explain to someone who hasn't lived it."

Mattea Goff Facebook

One woman is getting a standing ovation from moms everywhere after posting a viral set of drawings in response to her husband asking her why she’s in a foul mood every morning. It’s not that Mattea Goff has never given her husband Kris funny drawings in the past, but rather the fact that these drawings in particular highlight the huge struggle that is being a nursing mother.

The drawings really highlight the fact that when their five-month-old baby wakes up and wants to eat, there is just nothing that Kris can really do to help. As Mattea struggles to avoid freezing because the baby is hot and she’s cold or can’t stop catching one of their tiny hands to the face all night, Kris just gets to sleep. That not her calling him out for being a useless dad, but rather because of what the drawings called his extremely “useless nipples.”

“My husband is a fantastic guy, but sometimes if you haven’t lived something, you don’t understand it,” Goff told BuzzFeed.

So this past weekend I was having a hard time finding the words (probably because I haven't had any sleep) to express to…

Posted by Mattea Goff on Thursday, October 11, 2018

So while Kris sleeps blissfully, Mattea is barely maintaining her sanity while having to endure a hellish night.

Mattea Goff Facebook

The post has been shared over 200,000 times so far and Mattea thinks it’s because the pictures don’t need a ton of context to be understandable.

“I think these drawings really resonate with moms because the exhaustion is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t lived it. But when you’re able to create a visual with pictures, it’s something that’s easy to share when you don’t have the words,” she said.

Mattea Goff Facebook.