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Daughter Offers Hilarious Explanation When Mom Finds Her Doll in the Trash

Parenting is hard.

Vani Person/Facebook

Vani Person was confused when she found her daughter’s brand new Doc McStuffins in the trash shortly after Christmas. According to a Facebook post that’s going viral, three-year-old Zailey Lyda threw the doll away because it wouldn’t listen to her.

“Well I’ll be mf got damned,” Person wrote in her post, which included a photo of the doll, along with its crib and stroller, stuffed in the kitchen trash can. “I came downstairs & Zailey said she don’t wanna be a mommy no more bc her baby don’t listen.”

In an interview with Dearly, the mom admitted that her daughter’s hilariously over-the-top reaction wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. “It didn’t surprise me at all. She has a ton of personality and does stuff like that all the time, so I just laughed and told her we can’t throw kids in the trash when we are tired of them

Well I’ll be mf got damned. I came downstairs & Zailey said she don’t wanna be a mommy no more bc her baby don’t listen.

Posted by Vani Person on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Other parents are absolutely loving Person’s post, which was shared on December 29 and already has over 22,000 likes and 67,000 shares on Facebook. “She threw the play pen and the stroller away too, she wasn’t playing,” one user commented with laughing emojis, while another quipped, “If only it was that easy!” One commenter even compared it to the Tupac song “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” when a mom puts her baby in a dumpster.

And Person definitely sees the humor in the situation. She jokingly responded to one comment, saying, “Ima throw [Zailey’s] ass in the trash when I don’t feel like being a mom.”