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Mom Pushes Back After Being Asked Not to Breastfeed in Public at Elementary School

She’s rallying other moms to defend their rights.


One Arizona mom is fired up after she was asked to breastfeed her baby in a private room at her daughter’s elementary school in Scottsdale. Theresa Phillips, who captured the entire incident on video, says her rights were violated and is now staging a “nurse-in” with other moms.

“The Assistant Principal approached me, after a teacher walked past and loudly asked “Is that even allowed in public?!” Phillips wrote on Facebook, describing her encounter with Kiva Elementary School’s AP, Matt Gromek.

In the video, which was not published to protect the students’ privacy, Phillips asks Gromek, “You can send me into a different room?” adding, “I don’t need privacy.”

Gromek then responds, “I would prefer that.”

While it is legal to breastfeed in public in Arizona, the Scottsdale Unified School District, in a statement to AZ Central, explained that “While we as adults understand the important connection and health benefits realized for mother and child through this form of nourishment, we also realize some parents may not wish to have their children exposed to breastfeeding.”

They went on to say that Phillips “was simply offered an alternative space because [school officials] recognized that not all activities are age-appropriate.”

However, Phillips isn’t satisfied. On Friday afternoon, she is hosting a “nurse-in” at the school, inviting other breastfeeding moms to join her. “Nursing our children is safe and witnessing breastfeeding is even safer,” she wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “Let’s let the world know we know our rightful place as well as our rights!”