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This Mom Swapped Her Toddler’s Face With Thomas the Tank Engine and It’s Terrifying

You can't unsee this.


Twitter has seen its share of creepy face-swaps, thanks to the popular Snapchat feature which allows you to switch faces with another person—or an inanimate object. Which is what one Japanese mom did in a viral picture where she swapped her toddler’s face with that of Thomas the Tank Engine.

According to Mashable, the tweet, which was posted on March 27 by user @tabisuru_ayaka, was shared with a hashtag that’s currently trending on Japanese Twitter which translates to “shocking parenting photos.”

Posted on March 27 by user @tabisuru_ayaka, the hilarious but horrifying picture already has nearly 125,000 likes and 45,000 retweets. “Thanks for the nightmares,” one user commented. Another simply reacted, “Oh shit this is so fucking scary.” Some even compared the boy to horror movie characters like Jigsaw or the Grudge, while others likened it to the viral Momo challenge.

Then there were the parents who admitted they’ve always been secretly scared by Thomas. “All the trains look possessed and evil, particularly in the eyes and with their frozen smiles,” one said.

And it isn’t the first time a parent has face-swapped their kid with the popular talking train. A young boy on a rocking Thomas went viral on Reddit two years ago in a similar GIF that viewers said, “can’t be unseen.”

Parents have also tried swapping their kids’ faces with almost every person, animal, and inanimate object imaginable, from the family cat to the Teletubbies. One dad even took it so far as to use the face-swap feature with his baby and the kitchen stove.

I’m not sure what it is about the face swap fails- but I cry everytime