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This Mom Explains How Her Dad Changed After Becoming a Grandpa in Viral Post

We're not crying, you're crying.

Getty Images

Anyone with a slightly curmudgeon-y dad knows that if can be difficult to include him in the mushy moments in your life. But becoming a grandparent is a whole other ballgame, according to a viral essay from new mom Meaghan Marks.

She begins by describing her father, a rather serious dude who “sleeps with his headphones in listening to CSPAN” among other dad quirks. Marks makes it clear that she’s always appreciated her father, he was just never the guy cracking jokes or initiating hugs.

When Marks found out she was pregnant with her first child, she wasn’t expecting him to be a particularly gushy grandparent.  “I could not picture my dad holding, cuddling or even really interacting with my son until he could hold his own in a discussion on the markets or have a spirited debate that would ultimately be ‘Googled’ for accuracy,” she wrote on Romper.

But after she gave birth to her son, Marks describes how her father became gushy – in his own unique way. “The day we got home from the hospital, my dad held my son on his lap and quietly read aloud from the Wall Street Journal, his version of a bedtime story,” she writes. Marks also says that her father cried when her son was born – a rarity for him.

“He’s still my know-it-all, sometimes exhausting, always serious father, but the big heart that he tries to downplay is now on full display. The next best thing after watching my husband become a father has been watching my father become a grandfather.”

Comments on the article’s Facebook post prove that this is a widespread feeling. “Well this certainly was my dad,” one user wrote. “It’s amazing.” Another tagged her sibling, saying “I love seeing Dad be Papi!”. Her sister then replied, “I noticed the other day that our babies are his lock screen on his phone and I melted a little.”