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This Mom Accidentally Took a Selfie Instead of Filming Her Daughter’s Proposal

Thankfully, everyone involved has a good sense of humor about the mistake.

Amber Grigeo via KOB4

Benjamin Steele Bacon was amped to propose marriage to Amber Griego, his girlfriend of three years. He asked his would-be mother-in-law Susan for her permission and picked the location—the penguin exhibit at the Albuquerque Biological Park.

Bacon had Susan come along for sentimental reasons, and also because he wanted someone to capture the moment on video. The plan was for her to borrow her daughter’s phone under the guise of taking a picture of the couple in front of the penguins when she’d actually be playing the role of engagement videographer.

While she was properly equipped and positioned, Susan didn’t quite figure out how to work the phone’s camera beforehand. Instead of using the rear camera on the phone Susan used the front-facing camera and, as a result, captured her own reaction to Bacon’s proposal instead of her daughter’s.

“It was still a very memorable moment even though I blew it,” Susan joked to CNN. “As for me, I am not sure whether I should feel embarrassed or delighted by the outcome.”

For her part, Amber took the snafu in stride because hey, she’s still engaged to the man of her dreams.

“I cried, but it was tears of joy,” she said. “I had no clue this was coming and was definitely surprised. I think the selfie clip my mom got was hilarious. I will always have the memory.”