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Mom Blogger Explains Why She Won’t Make Fun of Dads in Viral Post

"I don’t think mocking people will make them step-up and do a better job. It will only cause them to do even less."


Dads are often a punchline in the world of parenting, seen as either lazy, incompetent, or some helpless combination of the two. But a mom blogger named Kristina Kuzmic is helping combat these outdated stereotypes, as she recently took to Facebook explained why she refuses to participate in bringing down dads just because it’s popular.

Kuzmic began the post by letting people know that she’s often asked to make videos that mock dads but she said that she will never participate in those sorts of videos. She then went on to share her reasoning with her readers, giving a perfect explanation of why this mentality is not only untrue, it has the potential to make the lives of dads, moms, and, most importantly, kids measurably worse.

First, Kuzmic says that she won’t make this type of content because she is “rooting for all parents,” a simple but important message that is easy to forget. She then goes on to say that she thinks that mocking dads is a terrible way to motivate them to be better parents, writing that, “Feeling like a loser has never helped anyone thrive in life.” 

As her final point, Kuzmic talked about her sons and said that making fun of dads as inferior parents might end up teaching her sons “that men are less capable than women of being great parents or homemakers.”

I’ve been occasionally asked to create videos mocking dads. Though I realize that making dads look like incompetent,…

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Thursday, June 14, 2018

It’s a powerful message from Kuzmic, which is why the post ended up going viral. It has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook and has received over 13,000 likes. Hopefully, the post helps people realize that treating dads like backup parents might get a cheap laugh but in the long run, it only ends up hurting a father’s ability to feel capable of being the best parent he can be.