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The Bizarre Reason This Mom Ate Baby Poop

"It tastes surprisingly sweet."


One woman had a literal “oh shit” moment when she was changing her son’s diaper. In a post that’s now going viral on Reddit, the mom shared how she accidentally ate her baby’s poop.

According to user u/designerturtle, she was running late for an appointment so she was trying to get her son cleaned and changed as quickly as possible. “When I’m in a rush and only have one hand free, I rip [the wipes] apart with my teeth to separate them,” she explained, noting that in one hand, she had the wipe that was “drenched in poop” and in the other hand, two clean wipes.

“In my rushed, panicked, sleep deprived state, I shove the shit-covered wipe in my mouth and bite down,” she said. “Poop fills my mouth.”

She went on to explain that she immediately spit out the wipe and rinsed out her mouth “with all the mouthwash we own.” She ended her story by saying, “No one warns you about some of the nasty stuff you’ll go through in parenthood!”

Many people were as disgusted by the mom’s story as she was—particularly after she revealed what the poop tasted like. “It tastes exactly like it smells except surprisingly sweet too,” she described. To which one reader responded, “That made me gag harder than the original post.”

But while it may be revolting, eating poop isn’t that uncommon, according to the other moms who chimed in with their own horror stories. “I’ve accidentally [eaten] baby poop too. It tasted like clay. Somehow, a little nugget escaped my son’s diaper and ended up on my plate of eggs and sausage,” one wrote, adding, “You’re not alone. We are the poop-eaters.”

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