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This Mom Is Furious at Her Mother-In-Law for Changing Newborn’s Name Behind Her Back

What's in a name?


It’s no secret that in-laws can be a pain in the ass but one mother-in-law took it to the next level when she convinced her son to change the spelling of his newborn baby’s middle name without consulting his wife.

In an advice column on Slate, the new mother explained that her mother-in-law had secretly gotten her son to change his newborn’s son middle name from “Finley” to “Finlay.” She only found out about the change two months later because she was filing away her newborn’s Social Security card and birth certificate.

Unsurprisingly, she was less than pleased to discover her husband went behind her back to make this change. After confronting her husband, she learned that his mother talked to him while she was asleep after getting an emergency C-section.

“I, of course, am furious, because I told him I was fine with the middle name but it had to be spelled Finley — and he agreed before our son was ever born,” she explained.

The new mom wondered if she should confront her mother-in-law but writer Carvell Wallace, who was equally appalled by the incident, advised against it because “I’d be afraid an actual fistfight would break out.” Wallace also questioned the husband’s loyalty, noting that he seemed to side with his mother over his wife.

It may be tempting to look at a story and wonder if a single letter change for the middle name is really that big of a deal. However, taking that agency away from a brand new mom without letting her know is a massive betrayal by both the husband and her mother-in-law. Hopefully, they both realize their mistakes and apologize to this new mom.