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Mom is Furious After Airline Asks Her to Breastfeed in the Bathroom

She says it's "never okay."


One mom is going viral after she tweeted that an Air Canada representative told her to breastfeed her baby in an airplane bathroom.

Stephanie VandenBerg explained on Twitter that she originally contacted the airline before an upcoming trip to “arrange flying with an infant.”

“Dear @AirCanada: It is never okay to recommend a woman breastfeed her infant in an airplane lavatory. Nor would I like to be referred to your medical line to discuss this further. If you would like to eat your dinner there, by all means, but my infant son will not be joining you,” she tweeted on March 3.

Air Canada responded to VandenBerg’s tweet, promising the mom that “we support breastfeeding onboard our aircraft and you are welcome to nurse your baby wherever you feel comfortable onboard.”

In a follow-up statement to USA Today, a spokesperson for the airline reiterated their breastfeeding policy and then clarified, “To be clear, this incident did not occur onboard a flight. The customer spoke to a Call Centre agent who was fairly new and was not aware of our policy; we have since reminded all Call Centre employees of it.”

But people on social media are fired up over the incident, with VandenBerg’s tweet getting over 15,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets. “Why would anyone think a toilet is the right place for infants to feed?” one user questioned.

Many also referenced the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, which protects a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. It specifically states that breastfeeding “provides the highest attainable standard of health” and is considered a “basic human right” in Canada.