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Model Ashley Graham Is “Knocked Up” Jessica Rabbit For Halloween

And Macho Man is the father...


Parents dressing up as iconic characters from our collective childhoods is basically the whole reason to become a parent and celebrate Halloween. And, model Ashely Graham has perhaps just pulled-off the best Halloween costume we’ve seen this year.

Over the weekend, Graham posted photos of her Halloween costume, along with husband Justin Ervin, who is dressed as the classic wrestler, Macho Man Randy Savage. The caption read “Macho Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.”

Both costumes are epic, and also prove that as parents, both she and Ervin are going to be the fun kind. This kid basically has no idea what they are in for!

Graham is famous as a model for Lane Bryant. Her husband, Ervin, is apparently so old-school that he insisted on abstinence before the two were married. So, even though there’s a playful raunchiness to “Macho man knocked up Jessica Rabbit,” these two are about as sweet and loving as it gets.

And, if you now had a huge desire to rewatch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (the origin of Jessica Rabbit) you can rent it for $3.99 on Amazon Prime right now.