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Mom Tries to Order Her Daughter a Moana Cake, Gets Marijuana Cake Instead

You don't have to be high to find this hilarious.

Facebook/Kensli Davis

In what must have been one of the more confusing moments of her life, a Georgia woman received a cake that celebrated cannabis instead of a cartoon.

Kensli Davis’s mother asked an Atlanta bakery to decorate an ice cream cake with images of Moana, Davis’s favorite Disney character. The bakery heard “marijuana” instead and acted accordingly. The cake came complete with green icing and images of a pot leaf and, incredibly, a toking My Little Pony complete with bloodshot eyes and a puff of smoke.

This might have been upsetting if Davis was a child, but the brand-new 25-year-old and her mom found the situation hilarious. She posted a photo of the cake to Facebook with a caption that explained the situation.

“So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana. (Because really I do) Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana.”

I haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about our experience this weekend with my birthday cake. So my mama called and…

Posted by Kensli Taylor Davis on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Davis wasn’t the only one who saw the humor in the situation. Her post garnered over 12,000 reactions and 13,000 shares, many of which used the laughing-crying emoji, which does seem to be the appropriate response upon seeing the cake even if you aren’t stoned.

But while it wasn’t quite the cake Davis would have picked, at least the story has a happy ending.

“That ice cream cake was still good though,” she wrote, confirming that, even if its ability to follow directions isn’t great, the bakery knows how to whip up a delicious dessert that’s given people around the country a laugh.