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Early Reviews for ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ Say It’s the Best Blockbuster of Year

Critics agree that the newest entry in the Tom Cruise-led franchise is as entertaining and wild as audiences have come to expect.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Summer is here which means it’s time for all your favorite movie blockbusters to return to theaters with sequels that promise to take things to the next level, including Mission Impossible: Fallout, the sixth installment in the Tom Cruise-led franchise. Most sequels inevitably fail to live up to the hype surrounding them and crumble under the burden of expectations but early reviews suggest that Fallout is a triumphant and endlessly enjoyable chapter in the series. Here is what critics are saying about Fallout so far.

Fandango’s Erik Davis clearly loved Fallout, as he declared the newest Mission Impossible film was his “favorite movie of the summer.” He specifically praised the film’s incredible action and high-intensity.

Steve Weintraub from Collider offered similar praise for Fallout, saying that Cruise somehow continues to raise the stakes in the franchise with a variety of “edge of your seat holy shit moments.”

Daniel Howat, a staff writer for NextBestPicture, specifically gave credit to Fallout for its innovative use of stuntwork, noting that the movie’s action felt like a “breath of fresh air amidst the CGI-fueled summer.

The two things that seem to stand out among all critics who saw Fallout early are the incredible action sequences (including what sounds like a truly epic fight between Cruise and Henry Cavill) and the movie’s finale. Thankfully, nobody has offered up any spoilers but Kurt Smejkal of 3 Angry Nerds says the film’s incredible ending shows that Mission Impossible has established itself as one of the great action franchises in film history.

Mission Impossible: Fallout will be released in movie theaters everywhere July 27.-