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Mind-blowing ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theory Says We Got ‘Infinity War’ Ending Wrong

New fan theory flips the script on a lot of assumptions everyone has about Thanos and that snap.


Most people assume that all the Avengers — and other Marvel characters — who were turned into dust at the end of Infinity War, are dead. But, what this new fan theory presupposes is: Maybe they’re not? And, maybe everyone “alive” at the end of that movie — including Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, the Hulk, et al. — are residing in an alternate universe and the other characters (like Spider-Man and Black Panther) are the ones who are alive. Sort of. Here’s what’s going on.

On Monday, a new fan theory was posted to Reddit by a user named Enervata. The theory is basically what is written above, but a little more complex. But, this is the relevant assertion: “What if the people who lived at the end of Infinity War are actually the ones who get left behind?”

When you stop to think about this, this theory makes a lot of sense when you use real-world logic. We know for a fact there will be another Peter Parker Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland because the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home is already out, and depicts the character alive. However, outside of Endgame, we have no idea if Robert Downey Jr. will make another appearance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. This is also true of Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers/Captain America, who has been long-rumored to be departing the role after this film. So, if all — or most — of the OG Avengers are actually already dead and living in some kind of ghost universe, it would make the twist of Endgame a little more interesting.

Obviously, there are a lot of details here that can get confusing fast. For example: what about Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man? He’s in the Quantum Zone, which presumably would allow him to move between dimensions. What about Thor? He seems unbound by laws of the regular universe, could he move between this postulated “death dimension” and the “regular” dimension? What about Doctor Strange — the character who uttered the word “endgame” to Tony Stark in Infinity War? Can Strange come back and take people between dimensions?

Obviously, this is all on the table. But, if it turns out that all the characters who “survived” the Thanos-snap aren’t “really” alive and all the missing characters are, it would be one of the greatest turnarounds not only in superhero movies but perhaps, any movie series, ever.


Avengers: Endgame is out everywhere on April 26, 2019.