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The Milwaukee Brewers Recreated a Scene From ‘The Sandlot’ for Its 25th Anniversary

Heroes get remembered but legends never die.

Milwaukee Brewers/Twitter; 20th Century Fox

Classic baseball coming-of-age film The Sandlot turns 25 years old this year, and to celebrate, the Milwaukee Brewers paid tribute by making a shot-by-shot recreation of one of its best moments. The team took a break from spring training to film a reenactment of the scene where newcomer Scotty Smalls loses a ball behind the fence and encounters “The Beast” for the first time, all starring major-leaguers as the film’s pubescent misfits. The homage, which the Brewers posted on their Twitter account yesterday, was phenomenal.

The Brewers’ acting might be a little less engrossing than that of the 1993 cult favorite, but the goofy spirit’s still there. So is the costuming, right down to the striped pink shirt on catcher Stephen Vogt who was portraying Hamilton “Ham” Porter. The absolute highlight of the whole tribute, however, has to be its adorable take on “the Beast,” who guards the Brewers’ lost ball just as ferociously as in the original film.

Not bad, Brewers. Hopefully a recreation of Bad News Bears is planned next.