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Thanks To Millennials, You Might Have To Explain A Bar Of Soap To Your Kid One Day

When you’re done explaining plaster casts to your disinterested toddler (or when you’re ready to give up), you can add a bar of soap to that “back in my day” list. New research from Mintel reveals that the amount of consumers buying bars has been plummeting for years. If you haven’t moved on to liquid soap by now, you’re much more of an old man than you think. They found that the remaining bar loyalists are mostly men age 60 and older. And you just thought you were adding a little Irish to your game.

Between 2014 and 2015 sales of bar soap slipped 2.2 percent, despite an overall market growth of 2.7 percent. In that same period of time, the amount of households using it declined 5 percent. So why are so many people dropping the soap? While 55 percent of people find liquid soap more convenient, 48 percent of consumers think bars are covered in germs (and probably pubes). There was somewhat of a generational gap with 60 percent of people ages 18 to 24 believing that bar soap is basically a bacteria-filled petri dish, compared to 60 percent of people ages 65 and older who are fine rubbing it all over their faces. If that gap keeps widening, you’ll have better luck getting your kid to eat it than wash with it (swearing optional).

If you feel like an Irish Springs man living in a body wash world, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Sixty-eight percent of men are still behind bars (pun intended). Plus, research dating back to 1988 shows that the bacteria on bar soap did not transfer to people washing with it. You can rest assured that your dad bod is getting clean — but you can still blame it on the bar if it’s not.

[H/T] CBS News

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