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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Open Up About Knowing Their Kids Don’t Have ‘Normal’ Lives

Kunis seems to be employing a mindfulness that often eludes parents as famous as her.

Sunday Today

It’s always nice to see famous parents avoid the whole ‘We’re just like every other family” song and dance and during an interview on Sunday Today, actress Mila Kunis let the world know how aware she is that it is impossible for children to have a ‘normal’ American childhood. Kunis wasn’t just honest about her family’s privilege; she acknowledged the fact that it would be disingenuous to pretend that her kids could relate to the experience of kids who do not have two mega-wealthy actors for parents.

“It’s all perspective. Your version of normal and my version of normal is different. My kids’ version of normal is incredibly different. So it’s perspective. You try to surround them with diversity. We try to surround ourselves with all aspects of life and try not to stay in our bubble, but it’s hard. It is really hard! And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.” Kunis said. “My kids are never gonna know what it’s like not to have fresh groceries. My kids are never gonna know what it’s like not to have new clothes.”

Kunis then included that she often says no to her kids because she wants to rather than because she has to because the perception is often that once people have means, their kids should just have everything. According to her, that mentality is a no-go in their house.

”My parents are like ‘Here’s every toy that Toys ‘R’ Us has,’ and I’m just like ‘No’…My parents are like ‘We never had this,’ and I’m just like, ‘that’s okay!’ They don’t need to have every single jungle gym that’s available.”

Kunis’s frankness about the privilege of her kids probably stems from the fact that Kunis and her family immigrated to the US  from Ukraine with almost nothing when the 34-year-old actress was just seven. To their credit, Kunis and her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher appear to be committed to keeping their kids from being entitled, as they try their best to keep their kids’ lives as normal as possible. Not only do the pair keep both kids off of social media, but they have no plans of leaving them any money either.