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Watch: Security Cam Catches Trick-or-Treater’s Act of Kindness

A nice deed from a telekinetic trick-or-treater.

We live in strange, difficult times. So it’s nice to take a moment and remember that people are inherently good and nice things happen. Case in point: this viral security footage from Idaho Falls, Idaho that shows a boy dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things, dump some of his Halloween candy into an emptied bowl so that other kids can get their share.

Upon approaching the front porch of a home in Idaho Falls where no one was home except for said empty bowl of candy, the young boy walked away with his mom, disappointed. But then, just as he’s fifteen feet away from the porch, sure to go to the next house for sugary plunder, he turns around, digs into his personal stash, and drops a few handfuls into the bowl for the next round of trick-or-treaters. It’s worth noting that the porch camera nabbed footage of the culprit who stole all of the candy in the first place. 

The person behind the camera expected to find footage of a greedy kid having some fun or launching eggs at their front door. Instead, they stumbled upon an act of kindness from a telekinetic character. The family who owns the house has since located the young boy and have said they’ll reward him with a care package. See? Nice things do happen.