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Why Your Sex Life Will Improve As You Get Older

So, the bad news is you’re probably only going to spend less than half a percent of your life having sex. The good news, according to a new survey conducted by the Sex Information And Education Council Of Canada and Trojan condoms, is the sex itself gets better. The rather odd couple talked to 2,400 Canadians between the ages of 40 and 59, and what they found, frankly, was kind of hot.

Sixty three percent of respondents reported being more sexually adventurous and open to trying new things than they were a decade ago (thanks, internet!). That newfound lack of inhibition seems to be working out for everyone because 65 percent of them said they were satisfied with their last intimate encounter. One thing that hasn’t changed? For women, post-sex affection remains hugely influential in their overall level of pleasure. Seventy one percent of women who had 6-to-10 minutes of it described their most recent horizontal tango as “very pleasurable,” compared to 44 percent of women who had less than 5 minutes of it. That probably comes as no surprise to you — hopefully for the right reasons.

Sex At 40 Is Increasingly Wild And Unsafe

The survey also found that couples were having sex about once a week. Perhaps not incidentally, that’s the magic number for optimal marital bliss, based on another recent survey. Also perhaps not incidental is the fact that both studies were conducted in Canada. So, to recap, improving your sex life is as simple: 1) Have sex at least once a week. 2) Get older. 3) Cuddle afterward. 4) Move to Canada.

[H/T] Nature World News