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Mick Jagger Posts Weird Dad Jokes to His Son’s Instagram Account

And they make the aging rocker sound like the sweetest most awkward dad ever.


Eight kids in and legendary rocker Mick Jagger is still operating at peak dad. Case in point: The hilariously random and/or embarrassing comments that Jagger leaves on his son Lucas’ Instagram. Twitter user @dpatrickrodgers recently captured some screenshots and every one of them is dad gold. In fact, Rogers dubbed reading Jagger’s comments his “new favorite thing,” and after taking a look, it’s hard to not feel the same.

There’s one that just says “Looks like fun!” under a picture of 19-year-old Lucas posed with a big group of friends. In a different post, Jagger’s son can be seen with his feet in the ocean and the comment just reads “Look out for the water.”

Who knows why Jagger felt compelled to say that, the water only went up to his son’s ankles, but still, can you say it’s not cute? No, you can’t.

Honestly, when some parents comment on their teenager’s social media accounts, things can get pretty weird. But in Jagger’s case, none of the comments are super conversational. Instead, they’re all sweet. It’s almost like he’s just chiming in to say: ‘Hey, I’m still here to support the fact that you exist.’ Check out the rest of Rogers’ post below.