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Michael ‘Batman’ Keaton Did an Awesome Batman Thing

It was a cool nod, but not everybody was impressed.

Actor Michael Keaton ended his commencement address at this year’s Kent State University graduation in a strange, but endearing way. To the delight of some, and to the chagrin of others, the 66-year-old actor paused and told the crowd that he had one more thing to say before he leaned over the podium and uttered the words “I’m Batman” in his iconic superheroic grumble. 

Over the years, Keaton has played a million awesome roles from the washed up and half-crazy actor Riggan Thomson in the movie Birdman to his role as the titular character in Tim Burton’s 1988 classic, Beetlejuice. Despite a lengthy career, Keaton will probably forever be known for his role as the caped crusader in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. To this day, many will still argue that Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and even the OG Adam West’s attempts at the role don’t even hold a candle to Keaton’s.

The actor’s entire address was essentially overshadowed by just two words. Still, one can’t really be blamed for thinking that it was cool of him to quote the movie. The words were met with some applause, but it sounded a little light for a university that graduates thousands of kids each year.  Though Keaton heaped on the awesome at the end, according to some audience members, the rest of his speech wasn’t that good at all.