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Michael Keaton Rumored to Play Batman Again In the Craziest Way Possible

Ready to get nuts? (Again.)

We’re getting a little excited here. An out-of-left-field rumor is making the rounds that Michael Keaton might play Bruce Wayne again in the strangest way possible. That’s right, your favorite Batman and star of Mr. Mom might once again play an older version of the millionaire playboy who also likes dressing up like a bat.

On Monday, We Got This Covered suggested that ceratin sources are claiming that Michael Keaton could play an older Bruce Wayne in a live-action version of Baman Beyond. What is Batman Beyond, you ask? Well, from 1999-2001 it was an animated follow-up to the beloved Batman: The Animated Series, and focused on a new young Batman in a kind of futuristic Gotham City. Instead of Bruce Wayne underneath the mask, it was a guy named Terry McGinnis. But, here’s the rub, in that storyline, Bruce Wayne was still alive: We was just an old guy who worked out of the Batcave as Terry’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Basically, in Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne becomes like the new Alfred fused with Lucius Fox from the Dark Knight movies. So, if Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne in a live-action Batman Beyond, that would mean he’d be whispering in a younger Batman’s ear from a sick-ass control room.

Most likely this is just a rumor, but then again, what if this is secretly part of the new Robert Pattinson film; The Batman. We all assumed Pattinson was playing Bruce Wayne, but what if he’s not? What if he’s a new Batman and Keaton is playing the old Batman?

It’s likely not true. But for now, we can dream.