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Michael B. Jordan Surprised a Group of Young Fans at School and Their Reactions Are Priceless

Jordan stopped by to give a quick pep talk and make a few days.

@michaelbjordan Instagram

Actor Michael B. Jordan is well known for taking the roles of pretty intense characters. A boxer with daddy issues in Creed; an angry revolutionary in Black Panther; Guy Montag in HBO’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. You get the picture, Jordan does a lot of scowling in his work. But, the 31-year-old actor was all smiles when he rolled by a school parking lot to surprise an unsuspecting group of kids, and their reactions were almost too cute for words.

As Jordan walked up to the lot, the kids could be heard screaming “Hey Killmonger!” and asking him “Are you Michael B. Jordan?!?!” Once it became clear who Jordan was, the kids couldn’t contain any of their excitement. Many of them walked up to hug the star, asking him questions, and shake his hand.

“I was driving from set & saw these young kings standing in their school parking lot doing jumping jacks in 90 degree Montgomery, Alabama, heat!” Jordan captioned the Instagram video. “The sight of them inspires me & reminds me why I do what I do!!”

Jordan can be heard telling the kids, “Y’all out here working hard,” before breaking down how they each need to focus up and pay attention in school while listening to their parents and teachers. It was a pretty typical ‘stay in school kid’ kind of lecture, but hearing it from Michael B. Jordan is admittedly more exciting than hearing an aunt or uncle say it to you for the thousandth time. Before leaving all of the kids got to huddle around Jordan and take a picture. A real hero can be hard to find. Good on Jordan for taking the time to make their day.