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Study Shows Men And Women Literally See The World Differently

Is your spouse upset that you didn’t notice their haircut? Science to the rescue. Because while you tried to covered that mistake with a figure of speech like, “Men and women just see the world differently, honey,” you had no idea a team researchers literally confirmed it.

The study, published in the Journal Of Vision, found that where you look, and how long you stare, has a lot to do with gender. The trial took 405 participants and had them wear eye-tracking devices for 5 weeks. The idea was to gauge each person’s level of eye-contact with a face on a computer screen. For men, it wasn’t very much. Although, for women, there was a significant “left eye bias” when looking at other women — and it had nothing to do with their favorite member of TLC. They found that women explored male and female faces more overall, while men preferred to stay within the eye region. (Likely, more than one woman in their life told them their eyes were “up here.”)

Researchers found that because men and women differed so much, they could actually predict a subject’s gender based on visual scanning patterns with 80 percent accuracy. Authors of the study concluded that further research could change how experts approach everything from autism diagnosis, to everyday behaviors like watching the road while driving … and then not stopping for directions. So, yes, it turns out men and women literally see differently. Why don’t more comedians talk about that?

[H/T] MedicalXpress