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New Study Says That Men Don’t Mind Doing Housework As Long As It’s Cooking

The American Time Use Survey — a national poll from the U.S. Department Of Labor that’s measured the amount of like Americans spend doing activities such as work, socializing, and cleaning up an inexplicable amount of sand from the playground — has been around since the early 2000s. Surprisingly, the amount of housework men do has barely changed since then, but the data shows that there’s at least one thing dudes are willing to do: cooking. But to be fair, it’s pronounced grilling.

According to analysis by married academics Dan Cassino and his wife Yasemin Besen-Cassino, between 2002 and 2010 men increased the amount of time they spent preparing meals. This trend only emerged after the recession, prior to which cooking fell into the same women’s work category as cleaning and other housework. But now men are able to chip in in the kitchen without it threatening their masculinity, ideally if there’s meat involved. “Preparing food can easily involve the use of specialized equipment and techniques, a craft that men can be proud of their prowess in,” the Cassinos concluded.

While you could assume that some men simply don’t have time to do more than occasionally cook because their too busy bringing home the bacon, their findings suggest the opposite. When men were not the primary breadwinners, they helped even less around the house than when they were the main earner. Cooking yet again was the exception to this rule, and the more money wives made the more their husbands cooked. In contrast, the more men made, the less women cooked, but perhaps it was because of all that sweet GrubHub cash.

Don’t worry if you’re not the best chef. For one, these meaty tips and tasty apps should help you get started. For another? Always remember it’s the effort that counts. But if everything you cook tastes like burnt tires, and you’d still rather not clean, then you could always help out a little more with child care. Not will it help you get laid, but you also kind of like that kid.

[H/T] The Atlantic