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Kid Who Walked On Screen During Dad’s TV Interview Gets Memed

This kid is legendary.

On Friday, Nov. 6, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was in the middle of talking about the presidential election on live TV when something uncanny happened: Shapiro’s son accidentally walked into the frame. By now, we’re familiar with versions of the iconic “BBC Dad” scene, but the gaffe became viral for good reason. The chaotic energy of the moment matched the tension of this year’s presidential elections, which took several long, long, long, days before Biden was finally determined to be the President-Elect.

The actual moment when Shapiro’s son, Jonah, realized that his dad was doing an interview is pretty priceless, although his actual appearance only lasted a few seconds and his dad didn’t notice a thing at the time. Jonah didn’t seem to see the interview at first because he was looking down at his phone, but once he did, he stared at the camera more or less frozen, and then slowly walked backward out of the frame, as if nothing had happened. 

Social media folks were quick to notice that Jonah’s slow, only slightly embarrassed walk out of sight is reminiscent of the iconic Homer Simpson meme, where a petrified Homer walks backward into a bush to try and unsuccessfully hide.

Someone also pointed out, however, that Jonah’s hiding sort of looks like this viral Tracy Jordan moment on 30 Rock:

And TikTokers couldn’t stop laughing at the cathartic meme:


Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s son walks in on his interview with MSNBC and pulls a Homer. #election #count #votes #election2020

♬ Happy Laughing – Sound Effect


This kid is GOING places #cnn #election2020 #fyp

♬ original sound – hlaff


#msnbc #interruption

♬ Capone – Oh No – 由user043998上传

Even the Ghostbusters and former SNL star Leslie Jones joined in on the fun.

Clearly, Jonah’s unintentional appearance broke through his dad’s artfully curated Zoom backdrop, which, as many folks on Twitter user pointed out, included an incredible RBG menorah and a toy USPS truck.

With more families working from home now, we can probably expect more viral moments of kids accidentally disturbing their parents’ live TV interviews, like Josh and Jonah’s. And even Dad is in on the joke.

Part of the takeaway from this gaffe is how calm, even bored, Jonah is. At this point, enough kids have crashed parents’ interviews so now it is a fairly normal occurrence: and it was certainly only a small blip in this election cycle’s dramatics.