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Melissa McCarthy Admits She’s Become an Over-the-Top Sports Parent

She told Ellen about crying and yelling at her daughter's basketball game.


If you don’t know the parent on the sideline who gets way too into their kid’s game, then you probably are that parent. But you’re in good company because recently minted Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy has become that sports parent as well.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, McCarthy talked about watching her nine-year-old daughter Georgette play basketball and become, as her mom tells it, something of a natural defender.

“When Georgie started, they explained guarding, and she was like ‘Got it. Guard.'” McCarthy shared. “And so we were always like ‘Hands up Falcone!'”

Falcone is her daughter’s last name and the last name of McCarthy’s husband Ben, an actor, comedian, writer, and director and frequent collaborator with his wife.

At first, Georgette was a bit too aggressive. She tried to guard every other player on the court. “It was like her own girls coming down the lane and she’s like ‘No, no, no’ and she’s like in their face,” McCarthy explained, laughing at her daughter’s spunk.

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After learning to only guard the other team, it seems that Georgette discovered some offensive prowess as well, making her first basket two weeks ago and eliciting tears from her mom and grandfather in the stands.

But it seems that tears on the sideline are usually outnumbered by shouts. “I scream and I yell like I’ve lost my mind,” McCarthy told Ellen, adding that “I’ve become exactly the person I always feared I would meet. Just a constant litany of ‘Get it! Get it from her! Take it! Take it from her!”

What comes through in the whole interview is how excited McCarthy is to watch her daughter play. That’s something that every sports parent, even those who watch quietly from the sidelines, can relate to.