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Meghan Markle Had the Perfect Response to Someone Calling Her a ‘Fat Lady’

Another reason to love her.


Meghan Markle has proven time and time again that she’s a true class act. So it’s no surprise that when a woman called her fat at a royal engagement on Wednesday, the mama-to-be handled it with grace, laughing it off.

“You’re a fat lady!” the woman, named Peggy, exclaimed while Meghan was visiting a Mayhew animal charity where she’s a patron. Instead of being insulted, the Duchess of Sussex responded, “I’ll take it!” with a smile.

A video of the hilarious exchange was shared on Twitter, where users are debating whether Peggy said “fat baby” (referencing Meghan’s ever-growing baby bump) or “fat lady.”A few fans on social media also pointed out that in some cultures, being called fat is a compliment. It implies that the person is wealthy enough to afford food and is in good health. Either way, it’s clear that the woman didn’t mean her comment to be offensive. She had previously said to the 37-year-old, “May the good Lord always bless you.”

Regardless of Peggy’s intention, people are loving Meghan’s response, praising her “awesome personality” and “great classy response.” One even joked that she’s “the hottest fat lady there is.”

Meghan is expecting her first child with Prince Harry sometime this spring. Having kept the due date a secret for the majority of her pregnancy, the Duchess finally revealed during a visit to Birkenhead on Monday that it will be in late April or early May. She added that they are still keeping the gender a surprise.