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No One Needs to Worry About If Meghan Markle Is Pregnant

Seriously, knock it off.


Just over six months after the birth of her first child, the royal rumor mill is already desperate for the news that Meghan Markle is pregnant again. Rumors that Meghan is already pregnant are already swirling despite what could only charitably be called “evidence.” Let’s review it, shall we?

At a Remembrance event in Windsor last week, Prince Harry asked a military wife and mother of two what it’s like to have two kids. It seems more likely that the prince was making polite conversation, not asking a stranger for serious parenting advice.

Way back in July, Harry met with Jane Goodall. The world-famous primatologist asked him how many kids he and his wife planned to have. “Two kids maximum,” he replied. The media mistook (or, more likely, consciously inflated) the comment into proof that the second kid is already on its way.

And finally, there’s this picture of Meghan from just a few days ago. It appears that she has her hand on her stomach, which could be because she’s pregnant. Or hungry. Or moving her hand up at the exact moment the photographer snapped the picture. Or any one of a thousand other reasons.

In the end, there’s no evidence that Meghan is pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering and theorizing about what’s currently inside her uterus. To which we say, knock it off. Meghan and Harry, like all young parents, deserve the chance to raise their family in peace, unmolested by those who won’t let a complete lack of evidence stand in the way of good gossip.