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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Won a Privacy Case to Protect Their Son Archie

This is a very important win for the Sussexes.


The royal family has a long and contentious relationship with British paparazzi agencies. Prince Harry has observed some of the worst of it, between the tabloid’s treatment of his late mother, Princess Diana, and now his wife, Meghan Markle, and son, Archie. But today is potentially an optimistic day for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after reaching a settlement in a lawsuit against British paparazzi photo agency Splash News UK.

As part of the settlement, the photo agency has agreed not to take any more photos of the family. A spokesperson from Schillings, the royal couple’s law firm, said in a remote hearing that, “This settlement is a clear signal that unlawful, invasive, and intrusive paparazzi behavior will not be tolerated, and that the couple takes these matters seriously – just as any family would,” as per The Guardian

The images sold earlier in the year show Markle walking in a park with her two dogs while carrying Archie in a baby sling. According to Markle’s solicitor, Jenny Afia, the images were taken while the family stayed in Canada at “a private family outing in a remote rural setting and that there was no public interest in the photographs.”

According to the BBC, Afia said that a photographer from the agency had previously inspected the home that the Duke and Duchess were staying in on Vancouver Island to determine entry and exit points to set up their camera.

Unfortunately, however, the case with Splash UK is not the only privacy lawsuit that the couple has on their minds at the moment. The Sussexes have an ongoing lawsuit with Splash News US and Meghan has one against Associated Newspapers Limited, which published a portion of a private letter that she sent to her estranged father, according to Town & Country. The Duke and Duchess previously settled a lawsuit with news agency X17. The agency issued a formal apology after flying photography drones over the couple’s LA home. 

We’re glad to see that the court has recognized the family’s right to privacy. Hopefully, this brings the Sussexes some relief.