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The US Is Facing Japan in a Gigantic Robot Fight and You Can Watch It Tonight

The epic battle for robot supremacy pits the US's MegaBots against Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries

Are you ready for a robot rumble? Tonight, the US will face Japan in the “world’s first giant robot duel” between two enormous machines purpose-built for punching one another into scrap metal.

The fight in question pits MegaBots of the US tries against the Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industries. The bout has already taken place but, as the contenders fought for multiple rounds, builders needed ample time to repair their bots (it’s not like they can have a ringside cutman reduce some swelling). The edited version of the fight, which took place over multiple days, will live stream on Twitch tonight, beginning at 7 pm PST.

The battle, which is taking place in an abandoned steel mill in Japan, has been more than two years in the making, as MegaBots challenged Suidobashi all the way back in 2015. But, as building a fighting robot not only able to deliver but also sustain blows, is no small feat, the process took two years.

The Japanese may have become more synonymous with tech and robotic innovation than the US as of late but if there is one team that can bring some bragging rights back to America, it’s MegaBots. The California company has been constructing massive fighting robots and pitting them against competitors for real-life Transformers battles for years. They raised more than half a million dollars for Eagle Prime, which weighs 12-tons and stands 16 feet tall.

Don’t expect the fight to be some fast-paced fight ala Real Steel or Pacific Rim. Yes, the two combatants are massive, complex machines but they aren’t exactly nimble. The fight will likely be a blow-for-blow bout. If past battles are any indication, however, look out for the MegaBots to have a robot that will dazzle the crowd with its over-the-top, showboating antics. Because as much as the minds behind MegaBots want to win, they also just want to make the dopest robot possible. Suidobashi, on the other hand, will focus more on substance over style, which is why its robot is reported to be nearly half the weight of its American counterpart.

For anyone who can’t watch the fight live on Twitch, it will be available to watch later on both Facebook and YouTube. Could this be the moment where robotic fighting, a sport that has grown significantly in participation and popularity in the last few years, finally breaks through and becomes a mainstream sport? Are we finally ready to welcome our new robot overlords? We’ll only truly know once the battle begins.