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McLaren Rolls Out Another Sexy Pint-Sized Car For Kids

Best part: The new McLaren 570S Push Sports Car only costs $80.

The quest by luxury automakers to put kids in tiny versions of cars their parents will never be able to afford continues. Last year it was the Tesla Model S. Yesterday, a restored pint-sized Ferrari Testarrosa was unveiled. Today, it’s the new McLaren 570S Push Sports Car. The British luxury sports car maker announced a partnership with toy makerStep2 to release a mini-me model of its popular $189,000 sports car. And it looks every bit as rad as we hoped.

For the record, McLaren already rolled out a kid’s electric P1 Roadster last fall. It rocks three speeds, working headlights, and tops out a 5mph. It’s geared to older toddlers and is dead sexy. The new Ventura Orange 570S is equally attractive but targets the younger luxury car enthusiast. Powered by mom or dad via an easy-fold handle, the base-model boasts under-seat storage, cupholders, and Step2’s proprietary “Whisper Tires” which allow for silent rolling. While buttons on the flat-based steering wheel do make electronic car noises, the 570S is relatively light on bells and whistles — but do you really need anything that over-the-top when the chassis is this flashy? Besides, less unnecessary additions means fewer dollars out of your pocket: the 570S will sell for $80 on Amazon and Step2’s website.