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McDonald’s Is Bringing Back the Beloved Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

But it looks like Americans have to wait until next year to get their sugar rush.


McDonald’s recently announced the return of the much-beloved Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, but it looks like U.S. will be left sugar-less for the foreseeable future. While Canadian and Australian McDonalds will get the treat this Easter, American junk food aficionados will just be eating their hearts out.

Described as a “smooth, vanilla soft serve blended with pieces of milk chocolate then swirled together with the delicious sweet center of a Cadbury Creme Egg,” the returning McFlurry has been in high demand since its debut back in 2016.

Since McFlurries debuted in 1995, they’ve come in literally dozens of flavors. The problem is that the most exciting McFlurry flavors are almost never sold in the U.S. Such standouts as Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry (Ireland), Pralines and Cream McFlurry (Venezuela), Tiramisu McFlurry (Netherlands), Pineapple Oreo McFlurry (Colombia) never make their way to the U.S.

Still, at least stateside McFlurry fans can reap the health benefits of not having the Cadbury version of the treat available. A regular sized cup of the shake contains 67 percent of daily trans and saturated fat requirements. And let’s not talk about that sugar intake. Honestly, we’ve dodged a sugary bullet by not having this available.