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Here’s Why This Mom’s Wacky “Christmas Magic” Video Went Viral

“The most embarrassing thing I’ve done this year.”

Credit: Facebook / Mary Katherine Backstrom

One of the best things to come from social media for parents is how it opened the door to commiserate with each other. We’re able to celebrate together and laugh together, and that’s what one mom did when she found herself in an embarrassing holiday moment. In a video, one mom shared the story of her “Christmas Magic” moment that immediately went viral.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a writer from Fort Myers, Florida, and she hit up her local Wawa to do some shopping. In a video recorded from her car, Backstrom shared what happened when she set off a pay-it-forward “Christmas magic” moment, and the gesture made it full-circle back to her. Or, at least that’s what she thought happened.

It all started when Backstrom read an article on spreading generosity during the holiday season. While at Wawa, she got hit with a wave herself, which led her to pay for a stranger’s ginger ale while she was checking out. When she left the store, she saw, what she thought, a man washing the windshield of her car in the parking lot in his own act of kindness.

“I see this man, he’s cleaning my windshield,” she explained in her video. “I’m convinced this is the Christmas magic, and so I’m like, oh gosh, I just love this time of year. So, I walk up to this man, and I am like, ‘This is my favorite part of humanity. I love Christmas so much. Thank you for doing this.’ And I give him a hug.”

And this is where it gets hilarious. Backstrom then says, “It wasn’t my car! He was parked directly in front of me and he was cleaning his own windshield.”

Of course, that sounds utterly mortifying. But Backstrom decided to stay in that giving spirit and instead of reliving that moment in her mind every night while she tried to sleep, she recorded the story and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “ Well this takes the cake as the most embarrassing thing I’ve done this year.”

My Most Embarrassing Moment (Christmas is SO Magical)

Well this takes the cake as the most embarrassing thing I’ve done this year. 😂 😭***follow Mary Katherine Backstrom for more laughs***

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Friday, December 6, 2019

The way she recounts this story in the video is why it’s hit nearly 56 million views in just a few days. She’s gutting herself laughing at her moment, and we’re dying along with her.