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Marvel Teamed Up With Vans to Make Kids Feel Like a Superheroes

This is easily the most expansive line of super hero shoes ever.


As Avengers: Infinity War gears up to cross the $2 billion box-office mark (and in the wake of Black Panther-mania), Marvel is branching out to find unique ways to become an even more prominent cultural presence. While you can already find a t-shirt or backpack with your favorite Avenger on it, Marvel is now teaming up with Vans on 70 piece Fall collection that will fuse some iconic Marvel imagery with a few of the most accessible and well-known shoe styles of all time.

The collection will offer various styles and sizes for adults, toddlers, and little kids. Once it drops on June 8th, the shoes will be available at your local Vans store or at select retailers. While the new line is primarily focused on shoes, Vans will also be releasing a few Marvel themed backpacks, jackets, and t-shirts. Though your favorite Marvel characters have shown up on sneakers before, the upcoming collaboration is way more adventurous aesthetically.  


One of the most ambitious pieces in the line is special Avengers Old Skool. The shoe takes the ultra-simplistic canvas-on-canvas look of the Old Skool and adorned it with references to the OG Avengers: Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. While seeing the shiny silver wings from Thor’s helmet on the side of a shoe is undoubtedly awesome, the MCU is filling up with more women who are rather conveniently left off of merch that many clothing companies only put effort into marketing towards boys. Not this line.


The beige Authentic switches things up and actually features the faces of all of the Avengers including Black Widow. The Avengers assassin-in-chief will also be getting her own slip-on, though, for some strange reason, her face isn’t on them. The company tries to make up for that oversight with an Authentic dedicated entirely to the ladies of the Marvel universe.


Of course, if Marvel x Vans isn’t your thing, there have been other comic book characters to make their way onto iconic shoe designs. Converse has actually been putting DC characters on their All-Star sneakers for years now.