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Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolls Him Hard With Avengers Wrapping Paper For Christmas

Oh snap.

Getty; Marvel

Director Martin Scorsese may have delivered one of the best movies of his career with The Irishman this year, but that doesn’t mean everyone was happy with the famous director. After publicly saying he didn’t like Marvel movies, the entire world seemed to have an opinion. Either you thought Scorsese was right and Marvel is trash that is rotting our brains, or you thought Scorsese was a thug acting like an out-of-touch old man. (Or, maybe you were somewhere in between.)

But now, it looks like the person who is going to get the final word in relative Martin Scorsese is his daughter. In one of her Instagram stories, Francesca Scorsese makes it clear she wrapped some of her Marvel-hating dad’s Christmas presents in Avengers-themed wrapping paper! Check it out!

It’s unclear if getting gifts wrapped in paper that feature Captain America and Thor was able to change Scoreses’s mind about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor is it clear what daughter Francesca actually got him for Christmas.

But, what is clear is that the holidays are a time for teasing the people closest to you. And Francesca Scorsese just proved that the best way to get to dad is by wrapping up something he does what, in the trappings of something he doesn’t. Then again, what if she got him Thor’s hammer for Christmas?

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