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Married People Are Taking to Reddit to Share All the Ways Weddings Are a Total Waste of Money

There seems to be a strong anti-centerpiece contingent amongst married Americans.


Your wedding day is supposed the one of the happiest in your life. Chances are, it’s one of the only times that most of your friends and family will be in one place together, and not to mention you’re in the throes of promising yourself to the love of your life. At the same time, getting married can be one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do. People can be prone to overdoing it without even noticing. So when a Reddit user asked married people to recall the biggest waste of money at their wedding, the answers didn’t disappoint at all.

Weddings often feel like a showcase of overpriced trinkets but Reddit users agreed that nothing was a worse bang for your buck than centerpieces.

“Damn centrepieces,” Caz1542 wrote. “So pointless but you have to have them for some reason – hubby and I were fine with spending on a nice venue and good food/wine and things people actually enjoy, but we went bare minimum for centrepieces. Seriously, has anyone ever left a wedding thinking, ‘wow those centrepieces were really something!’?”

Flowers, party favors, and mediocre photographers were also put on blast by people who had been burned by the madness of the wedding industry. In fact, user HowardAndMallory may have summed it up best when they said “[e]verything but the certificate itself” was too damn expensive.

One user even had the audacity to go after the crown jewels of weddings: the bride’s dress. Though, in his defense, it sounds like his wife is just as upset about it as he is.

“The dress,” wrote PhilosophicalFarmer. “You spend a lot of time finding the right wedding dress, and even the cheap ones aren’t cheap. Then you wear it once, box it up, and put it in storage for the rest of your life. There aren’t a lot of social events where wearing a wedding dress is appropriate, and even if you have a daughter, odds are that it will be out of style or the wrong size by the time she needs it. My wife felt beautiful in hers, but she started regretting buying it shortly after we got it preserved and boxed.”

Weddings are so pricey, that once you start to tally up what exactly you spent money on, it becomes clear that the box of doves or raised lettering on your invitation was probably overkill. In 2017, the average wedding cost something in the vein of $26,000, which is more than half of the average household income in America. If that sounds crazy, then consider the fact that people today spend twice what they spent on them just a decade ago.