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High Five Your Spouse Because Science Claims Marriage Makes You Mentally Strong

Get ready to buy your spouse some flowers and play some Jeopardy: A recent study out of Ohio State University suggests your marriage makes you mentally stronger than all your single friends.

The research compared data sets from the National Longitudinal Survey Of Youth — an ongoing study of roughly 9,000 people born in the early 80s who presumably had amazing hair in their high school yearbook photos — to analyze the link between marriage, cohabitation, and emotional health. The findings suggest that men’s “emotional distress” decreases after they get married, but not when guys simply shack up with a significant other. Before your unmarried friends claim that their arguments with their long-term partners are the same as yours with your spouse, the researchers are way ahead of them: the act of marriage demands a level of investment and trust that creates deeper emotional benefits than you get when can simply break the lease.

marriage and health

While this is obviously a great thing to make fun of your single friends about and (presumably) helps you crush them in Scrabble, the researchers acknowledge the study’s limitations: “Emotional distress” can change over time depending on the quality of the marriage, and study participants aren’t always totally honest. But you don’t have to worry about that, because you already know your marriage is more awesome than everyone else’s, don’t you?

[H/T]: Women’s Health