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Maroon 5 and Adam Levine Prove Haters Wrong With Surprise Donation

Let's focus on what matters here.


While countless people mock Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 for a lackluster Super Bowl halftime show (is there really any other kind?) the band has proved they are basically decent human beings, even if no one wanted to see Levine’s nipples on Sunday. Maroon 5 donated basically their entire performance fee to charity.

Prior to their Super Bowl performance, E! Online revealed last Tuesday that the band donated $500K to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, a huge children’s charity. So, if you were among the people who hated their Super Bowl halftime show, you can stay mad, but it’s important to consider the donation and weight it against how upset we want to say about Adam Levine talking his shirt off. In regard to the donation, Levine said this in an official statement: “We thank the NFL for the opportunity and also to them, along with Interscope Records, for making this donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters, which will have a major impact for children across the country.”

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a charitable organization spanning all 50 states, with a focus on creating meaningful mentorships for kids and teens who might lack positive role models, or are in need of other support. The program has existed since 1904.

Maroon 5’s performance at the Super Bowl was divisive on Twiter, but perhaps not more so than other halftime shows of the recent past. For those who hated it, the sticking point seemed to be the fact that Levine gratuitously took off his shirt. Was it too far? Levine doesn’t seem to care. In a surreal Instagram post on Monday, he addressed his critics with a litany of words including “forgive,” “laugh,” and “cry.”

Is this response cheesy? Yes. Is Maroon 5 cheesy? Sure! Do I own a pair of Adam Levine jeans I bought at Kmart once because I was really in a hurry and needed a new pair of black slacks that cost less than $30 dollars? Yes.

Let’s leave this band do their thing. If they keep up with philanthropic stuff, all the better.